It can be difficult buying a Plasma TV, mostly because it has far more components than a regular TV, and often times we do not know what makes a good plasma TV. When buying a TV the main things you want to compare are price, the picture quality, the size, and the features.

No matter what your occupation, when considering a large purchase such as buying a plasma TV money will always be an issue. The main features that change the price tag are the size of the plasma TV and the screen size, although any addition of a special feature will drive the price up. The key to finding the right price is balancing what you need in your television, and extra features that you may want, but may not have the money for.

The audio functions of the plasma TV can help determine which TV you should buy as well. Surround sound is a great option for the audio, and although it is more expensive than plain conventional speakers, the sound also adds to the overall quality of the plasma TV.

One of the main elements that constitute a great Plasma TVs is the overall picture quality, or the resolution. The high resolution of plasma TVs greatly separates them from the old CRT TVs. Plasma TVs come in two standards: 720p and 1080p. While both are widely used 1080p is becoming more dominant, and adds to the overall quality with only a small increase in price.

When a friend or family member has learned of your new plasma TV purchase one of the first questions is “How big is it?” The screen size is usually the most compared component because it is the most noticeable when choosing which TVs you want to buy. It is important to find a good balance between the price and screen size.

The features of your TV may not seem like a very important aspect when first buying, but they can ensure satisfaction of the plasma TV long after it is bought. Some important features that are commonly included in most plasma TVs are: internet or Wi-Fi capabilities, anti-glare screens, anti-burn features, and different TV settings. Features are a large part of the overall quality of the plasma TV.

A popular, but expensive, component to new plasma TVs is the ability to show 3D images. While this is an unnecessary feature it is extremely cool, and will make watching your favorite movies or sports a whole new experience.

There are many variables that go into purchasing a Plasma TV, and it is important to weigh each one individually when comparing different brands and models of the televisions. Each is a balance of personal opinion, but when you find the right one that fits within your budget you will know.