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DirecTV Looks at Changing TV for the Better

If you look back over the last 50 or so years, you will notice how much television viewing has changed. What began as a handful of broadcast channels played on small black and white televisions has grown into hundreds of channels available through pay subscriptions that can

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The Best Selling LCD TVs of the 2011 Holiday Season

The LCD TV Buying Guide has released their list of Best Selling LCD TVs for the 2011 Holiday Season. Read the full report here. Samsung has the best showing in the Top 10 with five models including the #1 spot. Also included in the Top 10 are

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What to Expect When Having Your TV Repaired

It is amazing how many problems and frustrations arise when the family TV quits working properly.   The entire balance of the living room is out of tilt.  Football games are missed.  The video games collect dust.  Where do we eat lunch on Saturdays now? In the modern

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