Plasma televisions have made a big impact on the home theater industry. Since the 1980’s TV has certainly changed. It was common to find black and white TV’s in homes, but now we find slender models, which can actually hang on the wall. Perhaps the biggest decision these days, is deciding which style of TV to buy, LED or Plasma.

Most turn to the plasma style because of the great price. Considering the screen sizes that are available, the price is significantly better than that of an LED. The plasmas used to be a disadvantage because they would not last as long as the LED’s. However, today both plasma and LED’s are made to last about 60,0000 hours. If one is looking for true picture quality, they must look at screens about 50” to get the pixel quality they are looking for.

One of the great things that plasma TV has to offer is the exceptional brightness. When shopping in a store that has the TV’s on display, one can instantly pick out the plasmas due to the brightness and clarity of the picture. Because of this bright feature, the picture is pleasurably viewable in any light.

Purchasing a TV can be a big ordeal, especially when choosing the screen size. Most living rooms are larger in the new homes, but smaller homes are challenged for space. There needs to be at least 10-15’ between the TV and the furniture for the large 50 and up screens. If using a TV cabinet, make sure to see what size it will accommodate before heading to the store. Though the larger screens are nice, not every living room will accommodate this larger size.

Many people do not consider transportation. When hauling these TV’s there has got to be plenty of room for the boxes. Most cars on today’s market will not accommodate anything larger than a 27” screen. While the 50” screen looks nice, can one transport it home, or have to pay a delivery fee?

Many people do not consider the weight of a plasma TV. Because plasmas use a different technology than the LED’s, they are heavier. The plasma uses gas and charges with electricity to create a brilliant picture. If planning on hanging it on the wall, one needs to ensure that wall can handle the weight. Many people who own older homes might be disappointed if they want to hang a Plasma TV.

While there are many things to consider with the plasma TV’s, still it is the incredible price that keeps people coming back. The picture quality is superb and the size of the screens is unbelievable. While LED’s have their advantages, they price and screen size of the plasma’s make them a better contender.

There are many reasons to add a plasma TV to the family living room. Whether it is for sports or for regular TV and movies, adding a great sound system to a plasma, can leave a pleasurable theater like experience. No wonder so many people are choosing plasma TV’s for their home theaters.