As numerous  types  of media, including film, are rendered out of date in the digital age virtually any big box store that will print pictures will also  convert  old film to DVD. The approach is uncomplicated – feed the film into a device and it digitizes it for storage and playback digitally from either a PC  or  DVD player  . Alas, the basic approach of digitally transferring film does not take into account the quality of the conversion  .

Professional conversion studios incorporate state of the art gear with professional editing and restoration techniques to not only  convert  the film to digital media, but also restore it so that theresult is in many cases far better than the original.

Professional conversion studios effectively implement the techniques to practically all varieties of film common to home movies throughout the 20th Century including 8mm film, Super8 film, 16mm film and video tape. Digital output is obtainable in both standard definition or high definition for playback from a  PC, DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.

Sucessful, quality film to DVD conversion rests in the personalized, skilled attention to detail given to each project and the use of professional grade studio equipment like that found in any Hollywood editing room. Opposite to popular perception, the conversions often cost less than that supplied by big box stores despite the  superior  nature of the service.

Further services available from professional  transfer  studios involve video editing and the creation of digital media menus and chapters for ease of playback. Imagine turning your old home movies into a Hollywood  production ! 

The Reel House, a professional conversion studio, offers film and video to DVD conversion nationwide through a mail-order service with production facilities in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. Sample videos and further information are available on the company’s internet site.