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More and more people nowadays are trying to find large screen TVs, and quite a lot of these individuals are looking for the largest TV that can find.  Big screen TV’s come in many different sizes however, for big screen TVs that are bigger than 100 inches you are going to discover that they may actually wind up costing you about a year’s salary. Your best bet is to get something smaller between 55 inches and 70 inches because they will cost a fraction of what a 100 inch screen would cost.  The Samsung PN64D550 64-Inch 1080p 600 Hz 3D Plasma HDTV is actually a TV that’s not just a giant screen but is also more affordable.

As I’m sure you’ve already realized the size of the screen on this television is actually 64 inches.  For people who have gone to a store and look that their large screen TVs they normally do not appear to be that large, of course when you get them home they seem huge.  The same thing goes for this TV, if you were to see it in a huge store it does not appear that big but when it is in the middle of your living room you will see how big this can be. And to be totally honest a 64 inch TV may actually wind up being too big for some people’s homes.  That being said, you should also be aware that should you have a good size living room you’re going to discover that this will greatly enhance your viewing experience.

You may also enjoy the reality that this TV is a 3D high definition television.  And when you are one of those men and women who like to have the latest and greatest thing, you are going to find that this television fits right in.  Of course to be able to watch these movies in 3D you will have to have a 3D source for instance a bluray player that will play 3D dvds or 3D channels made available from your cable company.  But when you purchase this TV you’re going to find that the glasses for watching 3D programming aren’t included in the purchase.

You’re in addition going to see that the majority of of the people who have already invested in this TV have actually given this television a five out of five star rating on Amazon.  As a result of the rave reviews this television has gotten, it only makes sense that this is something you may want to take a look at if you’re in the market for a big screen.

Obviously if you do decide to get this particular television the best choice would be to purchase it from Amazon because you can actually purchase it for just $1714. To explain to you what a great price this is you ought to understand that retail outlets are usually selling 3D televisions which are only 55 inches for more than $2000.  If you decide to check this television out on Amazon you are in addition going to find it has many other features that we didn’t cover in this post.  So for those of you trying to find a large screen TV this may be the perfect option.