Plasma tvs are some of the best quality televisions that are on the market. There are many features to these style of products that make them the most wanted. They have wide viewing angles which make the picture better. These products are slim bodied so that they are easily mounted on your wall. The screens on these producrts are some of the widest available. Some disadvantages of these systems have to do with the fact that the screens can suffer burn in . This occurs when the same picture stays on the monitor for a long period of time.

Plasma TVs feature some of the largest screens available. The largest screen ever made was six feet tall by eleven feet wide. It was made for a trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2010, a 152″ screen was produced for the consumer market.

Thirty-seven inch monitors are generally the smallest model that is available to consumers. Wide screens are the general rule for these products. There is also notable picture features which have to do with the manner in which these monitors produce their images.

Some of the aspects which help to create the superior images which these products feature are contrast, response time, and viewing angles. The contrasts of these models is far superior to the competition. They are noted for having the whitest whites and the blackest blacks. Motion blur is all but eliminated because these monitors feature fast response times.

Some disadvantages that are notable in these products are that they are large, heavy, and use more electricity when compared to LCD models. The weight of these products is caused by the size of the sets. They are large and usually do not come in sizes smaller than thirty-seven inches.

Many different manufacaturers produce plasma televisions. A range of companies feature many different sizes. Different picture qualities are also available and the picture qualities are in large part based on the contrasts in the make up of the plasma. The blacks in the color spectrum of these monitors make for a notable contrast which enhances the image quality. Faster response time enables the pictures in these monitors to be able to capture high speed images while not suffering from motion blur. A greater spectrum of colors and wide viewing angles are also aspects that make these products appealing.

LCD monitors are the biggest competitor to plasma televisions. These products have several features that make them competitive. They are lighter, use less electric, and come in smaller sized monitors. Though they do not feature the same picture quality as their competition, these LCD products are being enhanced through many technological innovations.

Plasma televisions have many qualities that make their pictures superior to other models which are offered to consumers. They feature superior contrasts which is due to having blacker blacks and whiter whites. They come in very large screen sizes and feature wide-viewing angles. Although they are heavy and consume more electricity than their competitors their picture quality is far superior to other models which are sold to consumers.