It is amazing how many problems and frustrations arise when the family TV quits working properly.   The entire balance of the living room is out of tilt.  Football games are missed.  The video games collect dust.  Where do we eat lunch on Saturdays now?

In the modern home, the family TV is quite an investment – both financially and, funny enough, emotionally.  When it breaks, our world just doesn’t seem right.

What do we do now?

Calling City Electronics is often the best starting point.  We’ll make every effort to get things back to normal for your home and family.

Typically, things start with a phone call and a brief conversation where we learn a bit about the issue at hand.  We offer a broad estimate – although it can be very difficult to precisely diagnose the specific issue from a simple phone call.  We need to get our hands on the TV.

You have two options at this point –

1.  Schedule an in-home service call


2.  Bring the TV into our shop

In-home Service

Typically, the in-home service call is the preferred method because in various instances either the TV is too large to transport or it is mounted on a wall.

We, like any TV repair company, charge a nominal fee for service calls to help cover the basics like our time and gasoline.  In most instances, we’re able to repair the TV in a single visit (believe it or not, there are only a handful of common problems that arise).  If your particular repair is unique or requires the ordering of parts, then we’ll cover the process with you on-site prior to you having to commit to anything.  Though rare, sometimes it quite frankly is cheaper to simply get a new TV.

In-Shop Service

If you choose to bring your TV into our shop, please include the remote control and the power cable.  Feel free to grab one of us when you arrive and we’ll be happy to assist you in bringing the TV inside the shop.

In most instances, we can complete basic trouble-shooting while you’re here and give you an estimate for repair.  If the issue is a bit more involved, we may ask that you leave the TV with us so we can complete a proper diagnostic.

Either way, you’ll be given an estimate for repair prior to having to commit to anything.

How long do repairs take?

In most instances repairs are quick to complete – same-day if parts are readily available.  99% of the time repair delays are caused by delays in receiving replacement parts.  Parts are obtained from manufacturer authorized distributors and we make every effort to pass on to you realistic expectations based upon what the distributor shares with us.  Thankfully, most parts are received within a day or two and your repair can be completed very quickly.

So now what?

Read our reviews and give us a call!

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